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The most well known companies in the Israeli and international market work with “REGEV” for many years and use REGEV’s expertise to perform their largest and most complicated projects – they are acquainted with REGEV’s high abilities.

Regev is committed for reliable designing solutions with high quality performance, advanced systems along with punctual schedule and quality standards.

At “REGEV” , we plan and manufacture stainless steel and aluminum products for all industries and purposes, to your specifications.

We use the best technologies and most professional and skilled production workers, engineers and technicians.
These are all an excellent basis for perfect products that you need!

These achievements we have reached over the years and our relations with the largest companies like: Coca-Cola Israel, Elite-Strauss Danone Israel, Taro Pharma, Carlsberg Israel, Unilever Israel and more, are the engine that push us forward.

All the way from planning through performance and product delivery – Client's satisfaction and aiming for perfection are what drives Regev forward.

The best way to find out about our abilities is to let us cope with your next project.